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Multifamily Apartment Complex Thefts in Mississippi and Texas

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on May 27, 2015

The number of multifamily apartment complex thefts occurring is getting a lot of news lately. Here are some examples of crimes that took place in Jackson, Mississippi and New Braunfels, Texas.

Jackson, Mississippi Apartment Complex Thefts – Car Burglaries

A number of car burglaries occurred recently in an apartment complex in the Jackson area. The thieves gained access to six cars located at an apartment complex early in the morning.

According to local residents, the thieves just smashed the windows of the cars in order to rip out GPS systems in the cars as well as the internal radios. They also stole expensive tools and other objects of value in the cars.

No one even noticed the thefts occurring despite all of the broken glass and smashing until one of the car alarms started going off. The thieves currently still remain uncaught and at large, though the police are looking for them.

Texas Multifamily Apartment Complex Theft – Gold

An apartment complex in New Braunfels, Texas recently reported that a theft occurred where nearly $50,000 worth of jewelry, gold and guns were stolen. One of the first things stolen included $9,000 of firearms from one of the apartments in the complex.

This included a Colt semi-automatic pistol, a few Smith and Wesson rifles, and a shotgun from Browning. The victim also reported that they lost $40,000 when someone stole a safe that had been full of silver coins, gold coins and some jewelry.

It’s currently a bit of mystery as to what happened due to the fact that there was no forced entry.

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