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Apartment Lobby Security Cameras Record Assault

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on Apr 9, 2018

A man was attacked from behind in the lobby of his Lower East Side apartment building in Manhattan, New York. Two men followed the victim into the building around 10:30 p.m. as he was arriving home from work. One of the suspects punched the resident while the other hit him with a heavy metal object. The victim fell to the floor and blacked out. He has no recollection of the events. The suspects grabbed his grocery bags and fled the scene. The entire incident was caught on un-monitored security cameras. Local police have requested help in identifying the suspects, who have not yet been captured.

The Importance of Apartment Lobby Security

Apartment lobby security is critical for protecting valuable indoor assets, including tenants and employees. Many apartment communities have security cameras in their lobbies, leasing centers, mail rooms, and laundry facilities. However, unwatched cameras do little to deter a crime in progress, much like the one in the above story. Police were only able to use that surveillance footage to review the incident after the fact.

Stealth’s multifamily apartment complex security solution can proactively deter criminal activity such as assault, theft, and property damage before it happens. Trained apartment lobby security operators can watch multiple areas of your property at the same time. If they see suspicious activity, they can activate a speaker. This lets the suspects know they are being watched. If the situation escalates or if the suspects remain on the property, operators can call local police or an on-site security guard.

If a multifamily residence is exposed to criminal activity on a regular basis, it can negatively impact retention rates, which can affect the property’s net operating income. Let our trained specialists customize a plan based on your property’s security concerns.

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