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Apartment Maintenance Room Break-in and Bike Theft

Posted by Alex Godwin-Austen on Dec 14, 2020

In this month’s video, a busy suspect made his way around an apartment parking garage by breaking into the maintenance room, tugging on car door handles and then stealing a bike

A Stealth security operator saw an individual walking into a Seattle apartment building just after three o’clock in the morning. The suspect then walked into the parking garage and entered the bike room. The individual was seen touching several bikes before using bolt cutters to detach a black bicycle located in the corner of the room. Our operator called to dispatch police.

While on the phone, the suspect used a crowbar to break into the maintenance room. He returned to the bike room, removed one of the bikes and exited the property.

The monitoring operator continued to track the trespasser’s movements and provided police with his whereabouts. Officers located the suspect and arrested him. The stolen bicycle was returned to its rightful place in the bike room.

The Need for Safe Bicycle Storage

Thanks to recent political events and a global pandemic, bicycle ridership
has increased by 21% since last year. With the addition of bike lanes and bike parking at retail stores, cities are making it easier for people to ride their bikes. It’s only natural they want to have a safe way to store them when they get home.

Providing secure bike storage at your multifamily property is a great amenity to offer residents and one that could set you apart from other communities.

Protect Your Parking Garage and Bike Storage with Live Video Monitoring

No matter what type of bike storage you offer your residents, make sure it is secured with an effective solution. Live video monitoring is a proactive option that combines advanced video analytics with human intelligence. Trained security operators monitor live surveillance cameras to watch for suspicious activity. When they spot something, they can act immediately by activating an on-site speaker and calling local authorities.

When police receive a call from Stealth, they know we are watching a crime in progress, so they tend to elevate the response time. This increases the odds they will arrive while the individual or group is still on the property.

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