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Apartment Parking Lot Thefts in Cleveland

Posted by David Charney on May 21, 2015

There have been a number of parking lot thefts from apartment complexes recently nationwide. The frequency of thefts like these illustrates the growing need for additional security methods. Here are a few examples of such thefts in the Cleveland area.

Loganberry Drive Parking Lot Theft

A woman reported recently that her car had been broken into while it was in an apartment complex parking lot. Her car had its driver’s side window broken, and the driver’s side door lock had been completely punched out as well.

The woman had left her purse in the car which was stolen. The woman reported that she lost a number of important documents, including her credit card, social security card, driver’s license and even her birth certificate which was in the purse.

Any of these documents could be used to impersonate the woman online and steal her identity, potentially robbing her of large sums of money and irreparable damage to her reputation.

Richmond Park Drive East Theft

Another parking lot theft occurred just a few days earlier in another apartment parking lot not too far away. A woman said that someone had taken part of the chrome trim from the front part of her car’s grill while it was in the lot.

The trim contained the Chevy symbol and it was reasonably valuable. The woman said that the piece was worth around $200 at least. Once again, the theft resulted not only in a loss of property, but also in direct damage to the vehicle.

These apartments are not clients of Stealth Monitoring. Stealth proactive live surveillance can detect and deter crime in Cleveland and other cities in the U.S. for greater security while reducing security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator could have seen unusual activity like parking lot thefts, activated an audible warning to deter the thieves, and called the local police.

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