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Apartment Protection System Watches Laundry Facility

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on Nov 16, 2017

Our apartment security system is a solution that includes indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, DVRs, and on-site speakers. This security solution can help deter criminal activity such as loitering, vandalism, and theft from common areas of a multifamily property. Common areas often include lobbies, laundry rooms, fitness facilities, business centers, and parking lots.

This apartment protection system operator led local authorities to a late-night loiterer at a residential property.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Local Authorities Arrest Loiterer – Multifamily Apartment Security

A loiterer walked into a laundry facility at a residential property. The suspect closed the door and removed his jacket. The trained apartment protection system operator called the security guard on duty, but he never responded. The loiterer remained in the laundry room.

The operator called the local police and gave them a description of the loiterer and information about his activity.

Surveillance video showed local police arrive at the residential property. Responding officers walked to the laundry facility where the suspect lingered.

One local police officer opened the window of the laundry room while a second officer shined his flashlight inside. A police officer spoke to the loiterer who immediately put his hands in the air. The suspect was placed under arrest without a struggle.

Loitering is not restricted to residential properties. One American metropolitan city wants to change the loitering ordinances. More than 30 pedestrians were killed in one year in this city’s roadways, twice as many as the previous year. Of those hit, 37% were homeless and suffered from mental illness. Under current law, local authorities must wait until a person steps into the road before they can act, but it is usually too late by then.