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Early Morning Mail Thief is Sent to Jail (Apartment Theft)

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on Jan 31, 2018

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In this month’s featured video, a woman is arrested after helping herself to other people’s mail.

Watch the Video: Criminal Arrested: Early Morning Mail Thief is Sent to Jail – Apartment Theft

At approximately 5:02, on a rainy morning, a woman is seen approaching the mailboxes of a Dallas, Texas multifamily apartment complex. Monitoring operators watch as she appears to pull something out of her purse to pry open one of the large mailbox panels. After rummaging through the section, she moves over. Monitoring security operators, still watching the action, call the Dallas police.

Mailbox panels are frequently targets of volume apartment theft. Thieves look for personal identifying information to take over a victim’s bank account or fraudulently apply for credit in someone’s name.

After several minutes, the suspect closes the door. Again, she pulls something from her purse and opens another section of the mailboxes. Police arrive. One officer walks up behind the unsuspecting thief who is too preoccupied to notice. Two more officers enter. The criminal and her bag are taken into custody.

String of Mail Theft Incidents Ends in Irving, Texas

Mail theft is not a violent crime. However, the consequences of this apartment theft can be detrimental. Apartment mailboxes are often targeted for gift cards and credit cards, the latter of which can lead to identity theft. Surveillance video helped one manager end a string of mail theft incidents in Irving, Texas.

One multifamily apartment resident watched security video of two suspects who were accused of stealing her husband’s credit card statement from the mailbox. This same residential complex was hit more than once. The apartment security video showed the suspects prying the mailboxes open with crowbars and stuffing mail into their backpacks.

Parking Garage Crime Problem at Canadian Apartment Complex

For residential communities like multifamily apartments, condos, and townhouses, parking garage crime can negatively impact occupancy rates, tarnish a property’s image, and decrease net operating income. Types of crime include property damage and theft.

One apartment complex in British Columbia, Canada experienced a series of crimes in its underground parking garage. As a result, many of the residents felt unsafe. One tenant said she believed it would be safer to park on the street rather than in the underground parkade. Someone broke into her van and stole items worth $1,000 CAD. Another apartment theft victim said her $3,000 bike was taken from a storage locker. A third victim’s golf clubs disappeared. These are common occurrences at many similar complexes across North America.

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