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Apartment Vending Machine Vandal Caught in the Act

Posted by Tammy Miller on Aug 18, 2023


Amenities vary at multifamily residential properties– from swimming pools and spas to saunas, gyms, coworking spaces, lounges, laundry facilities, and more. With every shared space, however, comes the risk of vandals, thieves, loiterers, vagrants, and others misusing or causing damage.  

In this Arrest of the Month video, the vending machines at a Mississippi multifamily residential community ended up on the ground after a trespasser made an attempt to grab some free snacks. 

At approximately 2:33 a.m., Stealth security operators caught sight of some suspicious activity at a Mississippi apartment community. A closer look revealed a disheveled trespasser with designs on getting something from the vending machines in an unusual way- rather than cash or a card, tipping the machine seemed to be the plan. Security staff immediately contacted the local police dispatch, and officers arrived quickly, making contact with the suspect and taking them into custody. 

 Help Protect Your Property from Trespassers and Other Criminals with Proactive Security 

Keeping your community, property, and residents safe and secure is important to multifamily community property management and ownership. Your community’s reputation can face significant damage when amenities and common areas are damaged, vandalized, or perceived as unsafe or unusable. 

Stealth’s live video monitoring is a proactive security solution, that can help improve security outcomes across your property. We use a combination of cutting-edge surveillance cameras equipped with video analytics that can discern activity from simple movement, and highly trained security professionals who can make quick decisions about whether activity is suspicious or benign. 

When our trained operators are alerted to activity that appears potentially dangerous or problematic, that can activate onsite audible warnings, deterring criminal activity in real time. When that isn’t enough to send suspects running, we can contact local police dispatch and provide them with live descriptions and details of activity in progress.  

Our ability to provide live details means our call priority is typically elevated, which can lead to faster police response times and better overall outcomes.  

Interested in learning more? Contact us today and speak with a multifamily residential security specialist, get your free quote, or schedule your consultation. 

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