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Parking Lot Plunderers Caught Pulling on Handles in Florida Apartment Community

Posted by Tammy Miller on Aug 4, 2023

Vehicle thefts and burglaries have been on the rise in Florida for the last year, with rising theft rates across the US impacting the state significantly. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, for the first time since 2008, vehicle thefts nationwide have surpassed 1 million.  

Additionally, Florida ranks 4th amongst the top 10 US states with the highest number of vehicle thefts, making parking lot and garage security a chief concern for multifamily residential communities seeking to maintain effective protection for their residents and property. 

At approximately 2:39 a.m., a Stealth security operator spotted two individuals accessing multiple vehicles in a Florida apartment community’s parking lot. The security operator immediately activated audible onsite alarms and contacted local law enforcement dispatch due to the nature of the activity being observed. Responding police officers were observed patrolling and securing the area, and further contact with police revealed that the individuals were in custody.  

Customized Video Surveillance Solutions that Work in Real Time 

It’s common for apartments and other multifamily residential communities to rely on passive security cameras or guards to monitor their property, but aside from being expensive, these solutions have limited coverage. Passive cameras simply record events and are only useful after the fact. Security guards have limited visibility and scope, can fall asleep, or may have inadequate training.  

Stealth’s live video monitoring, however, is a proactive solution that uses a combination of cutting-edge video analytics and a team of highly trained security operators monitoring your property in real time. Our high-tech analytics-based cameras monitor key areas throughout your property, and alert to activity, not just motion. Our trained security professionals are skilled in spotting and responding to suspicious or unwanted activity and can take immediate action when they see someone or something out of place- sounding onsite alarms, liaising with existing security staff, or contacting local police dispatch as needed. 

The audible warnings are enough, in many cases, to send sketchy potential criminals running. However, when police intervention is likely a better solution, our ability to provide live, up-to-the-minute details and descriptions of activity in progress means dispatch typically elevates our call priority and can lead to significantly faster police responses. 

Ready to hear more about how we can boost your community security, help mitigate premise liability, and potentially save you up to 60% on security costs while doing it? Contact us today and speak with a multifamily residential security specialist for a free quote.  

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