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Armed Individuals Party in Apartment Community’s Common Area

Posted by Tammy Miller on Aug 23, 2021

Multifamily communities typically provide residents and future residents with appealing and unique amenities to enhance their quality of life and living. It’s up to community owners and managers to make sure these areas are safe for residents to enjoy them. When questionable activity arises within or near amenities in your multifamily communities, live video monitoring can provide a safe, effective way to observe the situation and take immediate actions when necessary to deter danger and possible crimes.

An alert, trained Stealth Monitoring operator noticed some individuals inside the clubhouse of an apartment community around 11 o’clock at night. The individuals headed toward the community’s kitchen area and appeared to be preparing food. The operator used the community’s on-site speaker to issue a verbal warning. This didn’t deter the individuals.

Our monitoring supervisor said the individuals were allowed inside the clubhouse if they were just eating, therefore a monitoring operator kept an eye on the situation.

As more people arrived, the group began to get bigger in size and some individuals were smoking. The operator then contacted police.

While waiting for officers to arrive, two individuals walked into the clubhouse carrying guns. They were headed back out of the clubhouse as they collided with officers entering through the same door. One individual with a gun ran into an open doorway into the bathroom while the other individual with a gun ran toward the kitchen area and discarded his pistol into a trash can.

Some officers cleared out the group of individuals while other officers handcuffed the individual who ran into the bathroom with the gun.

Beef Up Safety in Your Community’s Amenities with Live Remote Monitoring

Multifamily communities that offer a variety of amenities for residents to enjoy can help keep rental rates maximized while keeping vacancies low. It’s up to community owners and managers, however, to ensure all amenities are safe and secure when in use and when not in use.

In the above video, our trained security operator noticed activity taking place in an amenity – the clubhouse – that was outside of “normal” hours. Because this community had invested in live, remote video monitoring, our operator was able to keep watch and when the unwanted behaviors of smoking and bringing firearms into the clubhouse took place, police were contacted immediately. This helped ensure no further unwanted or criminal behaviors continued or started to take place in the clubhouse.

Stealth Monitoring’s live, remote video monitoring offers a robust security experience for your community. Our video analytics technology embedded into video surveillance cameras can alert our live video monitoring professionals when an activity takes place by the action coming directly up on a screen within our monitoring centers. Our operators are then able to watch as the situation unfolds in real time and determine next steps. Maybe it’s just sounding an on-site speaker/verbal warning or contacting an on-duty guard. Even more, should the incident warrant, our operators can contact police who typically arrive on-scene while the concerning action is taking place.

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