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Arrest of Burglary Suspect at Apartment Building

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on May 19, 2022

Package and mail theft is a serious issue for apartment communities. It’s a widespread concern all across North America. Fortunately, for property owners/managers, there are ways to combat it.

At 1:15 a.m. a Stealth Monitoring operator noticed someone wearing a coat with a dark hood and carrying a yellow back trying to break into mailboxes and the package room of an apartment building. The suspect removed a tool from the yellow bag then walked to downstairs to the package room. He used the tool to open the package room door.

Our operator called police while continuing to monitor the situation. A team of officers arrived at the apartment building and found the suspect leaning against a wall inside with the yellow bag hanging over his left shoulder. Officers entered the building and arrested the individual.

Get Proactive Against Burglars with Your Mailroom Security

If mail and package theft…or any criminal activity for that matter…are issues at your apartment building, it’s time to take action. When residents don’t feel safe, they will move, leaving you left with units that need to be filled. If you have persistent crime, no one will want to live there. This vicious cycle can be deadly to your wallet.

Many multifamily communities use security guards or courtesy patrols to help protect their property. While there’s something to be said for physical presence, there’s a lot left to be desired. A guard/patrol can only be in one place at a time, so while they are patrolling one part of the property, there could very well be a crime taking place in another area.

A more effective solution that can be used to supplement or replace guards is live video monitoring. Trained security operators, located in remote monitoring centers, watch live, analytics-based security cameras that are placed around your property. If they spot suspicious behavior, such as someone breaking into a package room, they can jump in quickly and act.

Quick police response is the name of the game. When police receive a call from us, they know we are watching a live crime and will typically elevate its priority level. As you saw in the video, responding officers arrived while the suspect was still there. Thus, minimizing damage and loss, which helps keep residents safe and happy.

If you would like more information about how live video monitoring can benefit your property, contact us.