Arrest of Trespasser Doing Some Late-Night Browsing

Posted by Jeff Purtell on January 14, 2022

Most dealerships encourage nighttime browsing of their inventory areas. These dealerships realize that many vehicle shoppers don’t want to be approached by a salesperson when they are initially looking at a potential purchase. However, when suspicious and questionable behaviors take place, dealerships depend on Stealth’s proactive, real-time video monitoring to keep their lots safe and secure.

This month’s video shows how Stealth deterred an individual from tampering with and potentially accessing the interiors of parked inventory vehicles.

At approximately 3:30 in the morning, a trained Stealth Monitoring operator entered an alert and saw an individual wearing a black hat and shirt enter a dealership on foot. He appeared to be carrying a paper bag with unknown contents.

Walking farther onto the property, the trespasser paused to look inside a pickup and then continued walking to another part of the lot. The individual walked between a commercial van and car. He tampered with the grill of the van. As a result, our operator contacted police after issuing an audio warning.

The individual then walked over to other parked vehicle inventory to peer inside and attempted to gain access inside several vehicles.

As the trespasser was tampering with a blue car, a police officer arrived and walked toward him. The officer placed the individual in handcuffs as another officer was seen coming to assist. The officers escorted the trespasser off the lot.

Balancing Acceptable Nighttime Activities with Those That Are Not with Real Time Video Monitoring

Several acceptable nighttime activities take place on a dealerships’ property while they are closed. Vehicle parts are delivered. New car inventory is dropped off. Janitorial services often clean on a weekly basis. Potential buyers who saw a vehicle online that they liked and want to come look at without the interference of a salesperson are also frequent after-hour visitors. What is not acceptable is when nighttime browsing turns into suspicious or criminal behaviors or activities.

Balancing nighttime browsing with questionable behaviors and activities can be a challenge for dealerships. Stealth’s proactive, customized security solution offers real-time monitoring of dealerships. Using strategically placed video surveillance cameras programmed with our advanced video analytics and combining human intelligence allows us to see and take immediate action to help deter unwanted, nighttime activities.

We work with dealerships to identify areas in which unwanted activities are more likely to occur. For example, in this video, the trespasser tampered with inventory vehicles parked in the dealerships’ prominent lot. Vehicles were parked close together which made it easier for the trespasser to tamper with several vehicles quickly. Our professionals then apply our advanced video analytics to these areas, identified as a site attack map.

Stealth’s analytics allow our technology to filter through real-time video streams and detect certain activities. Should an activity need human intervention to analyze and determine next steps based on customer protocol to deter a suspicious behavior, it alerts a highly qualified Stealth monitoring operator who takes over.

Contact one of our automotive specialists to learn more about how Stealth’s customized solution can handle all your dealerships’ activities while focusing on the particular issues that need to be deterred immediately, such as vandalism or theft.

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