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Arrest of Trespassers at Scrap Facility

Posted by Daniel Capri on Sep 24, 2021

Scrap metal businesses are very tempting for people looking for discarded materials. However, their often large, open areas filled with high-dollar materials, can present security challenges.

Two male intruders were seen by a trained Stealth security professional entering a scrap metal facility after hours. The trespassers began searching the property, climbing over and walking around the equipment and scrap materials.

Keeping a watchful eye on the suspects, our monitoring operator called to dispatch local authorities, as well as the property contacts based on pre-determined monitoring protocols.

Millions of dollars’ worth of scrap metal can be stolen if a scrap business doesn’t protect it. In addition to copper thefts, there’s been a recent surge in catalytic converter thefts which is creating unprecedented challenges for the scrap industry. This valuable vehicle part contains precious metals such as gold, palladium, platinum and rhodium. When the price of these metals climbs, so do the thefts.

Two officers arrived at the scrap business, along with the property contacts. The two police officers entered the scrap yard. With flashlights in hand, they began searching for the suspects by climbing over and walking around the equipment and scrap materials.

Adding security cameras in strategic locations around your lot helps ensure you’ll always have eyes on the entire yard. Trained monitoring operators watch in real-time for activity. They will respond to the situation as needed.

After completing their search inside the walls of the business, the police continued to search around the area.

Help Protect Your Assets with Live Video Monitoring

Scrap yards and recycling facilities have unique security challenges. Live video monitoring takes a proactive approach to security. Trained security operators monitor live surveillance cameras that are pre-programmed with video analytics. If they see something suspicious, they can quickly act to by activating an on-site speaker warning the trespassers they are being watched, as well as calling police.

These operators are safely located in a remote monitoring center, watching multiple cameras simultaneously. They can even watch areas that aren’t easily accessible to a security guard or mobile patrol.

If you would like more information about a customized security solution to help prevent theft and improve your business operations, contact us.