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Video and Artificial Intelligence Impacts the Construction Industry

Posted by Steve Mansell on Aug 14, 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making an impact on commercial businesses for years. Because it can analyze vast amounts of data more quickly than a human, it is a valuable tool for many industries. Construction is no exception since AI can automate tedious, repetitive and dangerous endeavors.

Admittedly, the construction and engineering sector, worth more than $10 trillion a year, has been slow to adopt and implement artificial intelligence tools. There are, however, a few start-ups that are gaining attention and traction, including some construction companies that are gradually utilizing artificial intelligence in their normal operations.

Project schedule optimizers are one use of AI software. These can help determine a multitude of alternatives for project delivery and can continually adapt during the overall project planning stage. Construction firms can also use AI software for image recognition and classification to assess data collected on sites. This can be used to identify unsafe worker behavior or suspicious activity such as trespassing. Many construction sites use live video monitoring with video analytics for this very reason.

A third type of AI that construction management can explore are enhanced analytics. These platforms take data from sensors to understand signals and patterns, so they can deploy real-time solutions, cut costs, prioritize maintenance requests and prevent unplanned delays.

Although artificial intelligence is slowly being accepted into the construction and engineering field, it may play a very big role in the future. One simple way for construction sites to utilize AI is to work with a third-party video monitoring service. The video analytics software (the AI part of the equation) in the security cameras will alert trained operators (the human intelligence aspect) of any suspicious movement or activity on the property. The operators can activate an on-site alarm to deter the intruders and if necessary, call local police.

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