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Attempted Automotive Dealership Burglar Busted

Posted by Danielle Herbert on May 3, 2023

Automotive dealerships are rightly concerned primarily with the protection of their valuable outdoor inventory- thieves love to target their lots filled with potential scores. Several catalytic converters can be quickly and easily grabbed in minutes, especially when the thieves work as a team.   

However, it’s not only the exterior assets at a dealership that are at risk of theft, damage, and other criminal activity. Take a look at what happened when a suspect tried breaking into the front entrance at a Florida luxury dealership, where Stealth surveillance captured everything. 

 Stealth security operators were alerted to activity at a Florida automotive dealership entrance. A closer look revealed an individual approaching the entrance and attempting to open the door while gripping an unknown item in the other hand. After observing the individual pulling aggressively on the door handle, Stealth trained security professionals initiated onsite warning speakers to deter them. The warning was ignored, prompting operators to call the local police. The subject then continued their assault on the entrance doors, kicking them multiple times. Officers arrived onsite quickly, located the subject, and promptly arrested them. 

Help Deter and Respond to Criminals at Your Dealership Property with Proactive Security 

There are a broad range of security risks and hot spots to be found at an automotive dealership, not the least of which is the dealership office itself. Dealerships, their lots, and service lanes can all benefit from surveillance cameras, both for security purposes and liability reasons. But how useful is surveillance when it’s not monitored in real time? 

Stealth’s live video monitoring outperforms traditional security cameras. While most cameras record activities, you’ll have to learn about an event that has occurred once you arrive on site and discover the damage. You’ll then be stuck scrolling through hours of footage to determine when, and possibly who was behind it.  

Our proactive security solution includes a customized layout of cutting-edge analytics-based cameras that watch for activity, not just simple movement. These cameras are remotely monitored by trained security professionals who can then respond to suspicious or unwanted activity when it’s spotted on your property in real time, activating onsite warning alarms, contacting dealership leadership and security, or local police dispatch when the situation merits law enforcement intervention, all while the situation is happening. Just as in the example seen above, police typically elevate our call priority and respond quickly, meaning intruders and others can be swiftly removed from the premises with minimal damage. 

If you’d like to learn more about how our cost-effective, premium security solutions can be put to use at your property, contact us today for details on how you can save up to 60% on security costs. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187.