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Attempted Burglar and Trespasser Caught on Camera at California Business

Posted by Erik Mullinax on Jun 29, 2023

According to FBI and other law enforcement data, there’s a burglary committed every 15 seconds, resulting in over 3.4 billion dollars in property and personal loss each year.  Most commercial burglaries occur when a property is closed for business, during the evenings, early mornings, or at the weekend.  

Any step that commercial property and business owners can take to help protect their business from theft, burglary, vandalism, and trespassers is critical. In this video, Stealth’s proactive security solution helped prevent a burglar from successfully targeting a California commercial retail property.  

Just before 4:00 in the morning, Stealth security professionals were alerted to activity at a California business, and immediately accessed live feeds to observe. An individual could be seen attempting to break into the property, where an enclosed yard contained a variety of valuable inventory. Stealth security operators immediately activated onsite audible warnings, which were ignored. Operators then contacted local law enforcement to inform them of an attempted burglary in progress. As operators continued to observe, the suspect gathered a bicycle and several wheels and attempted to remove them from the property. However, police arrived on site and were able to make contact with the thief, arrested them for attempted burglary and burglary with a tool, removed them from the property, and assured all other entrances were secured.  

Protect Your Business from Potential Threats with Proactive Security in Real Time 

Protecting your commercial property from potential criminal activity or damage is important. Theft, vandalism, loitering, perimeter liability- there are many reasons that an effective security solution is vital to the success of any commercial property.  

Stealth’s live video monitoring is a proactive security solution that is customizable, allows events to be monitored and responded to in real-time, and can save you 25-60% when compared to the costs of traditional security measures. Using a combination of cutting-edge video analytics and trained security professionals to observe and respond to suspicious activity and events as they happen, Stealth’s live video monitoring allows for intervention in real time. 

We monitor key areas of your property, and when our highly trained staff sees something suspicious or out of place, they can sound onsite alarms that typically send trespassers and other unwanted criminals running. When the alarms aren’t enough to clear off a determined trespasser or thief, monitoring operators can also contact local law enforcement, who can respond to your property quickly thanks to our live, detailed, up-to-the-minute descriptions of activity, suspects, and location. 

Learn more about how our solution can be customized to fit your business and improve commercial property security outcomes by contacting us today. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187.