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Attempted Materials Theft Leads to Arrest

Posted by Sidney Sommer on Mar 23, 2020

In this month’s video, two suspects attempt to steal materials from a construction site. They weren’t successful because we were watching.

Our Stealth operator contacted police to report the activity. In the meantime, the suspect carried some materials towards the pickup truck waiting down the street.

Police arrived on site and pursued the vehicle in a chase while the other individual ran off on foot towards the back alley.

Officers intercepted the vehicle and arrested the two individuals. Policed informed us later that some of the materials were returned and placed back into the containers.

Construction Theft Can Impact Your Bottom Line

When a theft occurs on a construction site, the losses can have a big impact. Not only do replacement costs incur, there can be production downtime and delays which will affect the budget. Roughly 25% of stolen equipment is ever recovered, but as you saw in the video, remote video surveillance can help change that.

Remote Video Surveillance Can Help Reduce and Deter Theft

Stealth Monitoring has been successful at reducing and deterring crime at construction companies across North America. We use a combination of video analytics and human intelligence to better spot suspicious activity and be able to act immediately. That means sounding a speaker to let the trespassers know they are being watched or calling and working with local police. Our proactive security solutions can help deter crime while minimizing risk and reducing security guard expenses by up to 60 percent.

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