Attempted Theft from Laundry and Mail Rooms

Posted by Tammy Miller on May 14, 2021

In this month’s video, a suspect wielding a screwdriver attempted to break into laundry machines and mailboxes. Thanks to the quick action of a Stealth Monitoring security operator, there was no clean getaway for him.

About three o’clock in the morning, a male individual carrying a screwdriver was seen in an apartment laundry room trying to access several of the machines. After grabbing a new roll of paper towels, he exited the room and headed to the mailboxes, where he tried to pry a few open

One of our trained Stealth security operators had been watching this unfold and called to dispatch police. The man was successful at retrieving some pieces of mail before leaving the area.

Officers arrived within minutes. Our operator was still on the phone with the police dispatcher and informed them about the suspect’s whereabouts. He was sitting inside a vehicle parked in the lot. Officers approached the car, questioned the individual, then placed him under arrest.

Deter Crime from Common Areas

The safety of your multifamily property, including common areas like mail and laundry rooms, is important to your residents’ satisfaction. However, these areas are popular targets for thieves looking for a quick payoff. After all, the machines in the laundry room could have 40 or 50 dollars-worth of coins in them, making them an easy mark for a criminal.

You can help achieve secure common areas by proactively monitoring them. Live video surveillance combines advanced analytics with human intelligence to watch for crimes in progress. When something unusual is spotted, such as someone trying to break into mailboxes, a trained security operator can quickly assess the situation and take action.

When police receive a call from us, they know we are watching live crimes, so they typically elevate the priority level. In many cases, this results in officers arriving while the suspects are still on or near the property.

Take proactive measures like this can go a long way in promoting resident safety. For more information about live video monitoring for your multifamily community, contact us.

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