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Attempted Thefts at Automotive Dealerships

Posted by Jeff Purtell on Nov 11, 2021

From parts theft such as tires, tailgates and catalytic converters to gaining access to inventory vehicles and resulting damage or theft, automotive dealerships rely on remote video monitoring to effectively detect and deter unwanted activity. This platform helps keep valuable inventory stored outdoors on lots free from damage, as well as provide operational benefits during the day.

In the following compilation of dealership events, Stealth helped deter tire theft using live audio warnings to compel a trespasser to flee, plus help deter unwanted access into unlocked vehicle inventory.

Perpetrator Trying to Steal Tires from an Automotive Dealer Lot

A little after 2:30 a.m., a highly trained Stealth Monitoring security operator saw an individual on a car lot stealing tires and contacted local police according to site protocols. Our operator stayed on the call with police until officer arrived while using audio warnings at the site.

The operator saw the suspect passing tires through a hole in the perimeter fence, handing them off to another individual waiting in a vehicle on the other side of the fence. When officers arrived, the suspect vehicle left, trying to avoid capture. The other individuals hid inside a parked pickup truck on the dealership.

Our operator communicated exactly where the suspect was hiding and when officers gained access to the property they went straight to the pickup. The responding officers pulled the suspect from the vehicle and arrested him.

A Trespasser Spotted Trying to Access Vehicles at Dealership After Hours

One of our monitoring operators saw a suspicious individual walking between vehicles on a dealership’s property after hours. Because the individual tampered with various vehicle handles and violated site protocols for that area, our remote security operator activated onsite live audio to let the trespasser know they were being watched. Our operator also contacted police while staying active in monitoring the event. As officers arrived on property, the suspect fled.

The officer searched the lot, shining a flashing into the windows of multiple vehicles where the suspect had been but did not report any damage to the inventory.

Suspect on a Bike Tugging on Car Door Handles

A trained Stealth security operator received an alert from onboard advanced video analytics that an individual was riding a bicycle on an automotive dealership’s property. After riding around for a few minutes, the trespasser parked the bike in front of a vehicle and tried to gain access. This was a violation of the site’s pre-established protocols, so the security operator activated the onsite speaker warning. The perpetrator then walked toward two other vehicles where he was able to open one of them and got inside. Our operator contacted police with an update on the activity.

The trespasser then approached another group of parked vehicles and entered two of them by opening the unlocked driver’s side door. He gained access to the trunk of a vehicle, rummaged through it, and looked to pull out some items before closing the trunk.

He continued to roam through the dealership as a police cruiser pulled into the dealership, drove around and then exited while searching for the perpetrator.

The perpetrator saw the cruiser, quickly ran back to the bike and rode it down the sidewalk next to the dealership. The police cruiser chased the trespasser and an officer intercepted him. Another cruiser arrived and the subject was arrested.

Protect Your Valuable Inventory with Remote Video Monitoring

Thieves tend to be getting smarter and bolder in their trespassing and theft attempts on dealership’s property. Hundreds of millions of dollars of vehicle inventory sit out in the open to display to potential customers their “dream vehicle.” Unfortunately, as a result, this inventory is equally vulnerable to damage, theft and vandalism.

There is the constant possibility of threats from trespassers and professional criminals. Rims, tires and catalytic converters are very valuable and are common vehicle parts thieves target with fast and high returns from illicit activity.

Stealth Monitoring’s solutions-driven technology provides a customized, proactive monitoring solution. Our solution is a combination of advanced video analytics and human intelligence that leverage site level protocols to deliver a customized security experience based on a site’s needs.

Video cameras, pre-programmed with advanced analytics are strategically designed and placed on your lot to optimize security coverage. When the analytics detect an in-progress event, an alert is sent to one of our monitoring operators with clips and videos of the activity. Our operators are trained to follow a pre-determined security solutions protocol established by you and diagnose what is taking place. As a part of the protocol, our operators can activate onsite speakers to warn trespasser they are being watched. They will also call local police when warranted and keep watch over your lot until officers arrive and the situation has been deterred.

In addition, Stealth’s security solution records all activity on your lot throughout the day. We can also deploy state-of-the-art Service Lane Systems that record and document all vehicles entering and exiting your service lanes. This product is helpful in mitigating fraudulent claims against your dealership and improving the customer experience.

Contact our experienced team today to discuss how Stealth’s proactive, remote video monitoring can be deployed onto your dealership to help deter theft before it happens.