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Four Ways to Increase Your Auto Dealer Safety

Posted by Norm Charney on Jun 23, 2017

Car and truck dealerships are increasingly aware of the need for auto dealer safety to protect their businesses from vandalism, theft, and trespassers. Dealer managers and owners should perform continual risk management assessment due to the high value of dealership assets, which are typically outside with little protection. Assets at risk include vehicles, car and truck parts, the office space, tools, and supplies.

How Can I Increase Auto Dealer Safety?

Increase Lighting

Additional lighting is an easy and effective way to increase your auto dealer safety, especially at entrances, near fences, and above doors. Car thieves and vandals do not want to be seen. Motion sensor lights can startle and deter suspects. Better lightning makes it easier for security cameras to show live and record color and detail on trespassers and their dress, tools, license plates, and activities.

Secure the Perimeter

Secure your perimeter to make it difficult for car thieves and car part thieves both to enter the dealership property and to escape with stolen goods. You can add barriers to your dealership or use an electronic gate system. Strategically place cars in safer areas on the lot after hours. Live video monitoring can watch entrances, fences, and alleys. Remote operators can see suspicious behavior and call police who can arrive before criminals cause property damage and break in to or steal vehicles or parts like wheels, tires, GPS units, and catalytic converters.

Carefully Lock Everything

Locking mobile assets is the easiest way to increase auto dealer security. Car parts, car accessories, and mechanic tools should be stored in a secure place when not in use. Adding a locking mechanism to storage cabinets in the service department can also deter criminal activity.

Collaborate with Security Experts

Talk to a security company that has experience in auto dealer safety. Each car dealership has their own unique site and problems. Car dealership security experts can work with you to assess your situation and configure lighting, fencing, cameras and camera placement, as well as Internet, mobile and wired networking, and computer equipment for a security system.

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