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3 Auto Dealership Security Measures to Battle False Claims

Posted by Norm Charney on Jan 10, 2018

Auto dealership security encompasses more than just a security guard patrolling the car dealership. It can also include accountability, surveillance cameras, and collaborative efforts with security professionals. These additional tips can help protect your car dealership from false claims and liability issues.

How do I battle false claims?

Written Documentation of Activities

Detail-oriented organization can greatly enhance auto dealer security. It also adds to the overall feel of your car dealership. Detailed organization shows that your business takes auto dealer security and safety seriously. Maintenance workers and mechanics can benefit from a security procedure checklist. Documenting the condition and information about a car brought in for repairs and maintenance can help solve quality and work disputes.

When a car dealership maintenance center gets inundated with work, checklists and quality documentation may get overlooked. It is important for auto dealers to make sure this becomes mandatory protocol.

If an incident does occur, car dealership managers need to document the details as soon as possible. Recording eyewitness reports can be used to dispute inaccurate or false claims.

Security Camera Installation for Auto Dealership Security

Auto dealership security can also be enhanced by installing security cameras. If someone presents your car dealership with a false claim, the surveillance video can be used as evidence. The presence of surveillance cameras can also deter customers or employees from making a false claim.

Strategic placement of auto dealership security cameras can help deter crime from your property. Parking lots, offices, showrooms and service areas are high-risk areas that should be considered.

Auto Dealership Security Collaborations with Industry Experts

A collaborative effort with a security firm can boost your auto dealership security. A security firm can examine your car dealership property and recommend various security measures, including types of surveillance cameras and the best places to install them.

You should also speak with your insurance company. Insurance companies know the tricks of the trade. They have grown accustomed to false claims and prefer not to pay for them. Before initiating auto dealership security measures, listen to your insurance company’s recommendations. Then follow up with them after your system is put into place. They can double-check what you’ve done and provide substantial feedback.