No Automobile Security Cameras in Repeat Montana Dealership Theft

Posted by Norm Charney on April 7, 2016

Automobile security cameras may have helped deter recurring theft at a family-owned car dealership in Montana. The crime rate has been increasing in the small town of Kalispell. In the most recent crime case, three cars were stolen from their lot. Automobile security cameras were not reported on the lot.

The owner of the family-owned business has described the theft problem as an epidemic. He has described this Montana city as a recreational area with hard working citizens. The Senior Sergeant of the police department has confirmed the increase in residential and commercial thefts. The police department has released guidelines for preventative measures against theft. The guidelines did not including a video monitoring service such as automobile security cameras for the affected dealership.

Several residents attributed the problem to insufficient officers on the police force. The police chief said, "In the City of Kalispell late at night, we don't have a lot of people out patrolling, which is good for the bad guys and bad for the residents." The number of police officers of this Montana town is lower than the national average, based on its population.

Inadequate security and video surveillance extends beyond the lack of automobile security cameras. Even locked up items are stolen, including at a self-storage facility. "There's nothing that's safe," said the police chief. "Tools, bikes, recreational items, canoes, kayaks, trailers. Actual SUV trailers are being taken."

The three cars stolen from the family-owned business were eventually found. Two of the cars received minor damage while the third was being assessed by a local auto shop. Although this is a cause for celebration, the owner of the family-owned business is still bothered by the crime rate in the community. There is no word if the owner decided to increase their security by having automobile security cameras.

The criminals have not been caught and no suspects have been reported as of the time NBC Montana reported the car thefts.

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