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Speeding Driver Crashes into Baltimore Auto Dealership

Posted by Curtis Lloyd on Jan 13, 2023

Auto dealerships are especially conscious of the security of their outdoor assets. With most of their expensive inventory kept outdoors- and many of those vehicles set up to be easily visible from the roadway- they run the risk of being more accessible to thieves, vandals, and other security concerns.

In this Arrest of the Month video, a speeding driver appears to lose control of their vehicle and crashes into multiple dealership inventory vehicles before ultimately being placed under arrest.

Late night in Baltimore, Maryland: A vehicle speeding outside the main entrance of an auto dealership lost control and struck multiple inventory vehicles as well as a light pole, causing serious damages. Stealth operators observing the dealership immediately contacted police to dispatch them to the property. Police arrived quickly and confirmed that two vehicles had been damaged. Officers placed the driver under arrest, and tow trucks arrived and removed the damaged inventory.

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As mentioned above, auto dealerships are susceptible to a variety of security risks thanks to their high-value inventory outside for public display. While theft, vandalism, and property damages tend to be the most salient concerns, accidents such as the one seen in the video above are also possible.

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