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Automotive Dealership Trespasser Quickly Caught and Apprehended

Posted by Jeff Purtell on Oct 8, 2021

Automotive dealerships display valuable and usually expensive inventory outside on their lots for potential buyers and shoppers to easily view. Plus, in an effort to invite potential buyers to their site, most dealerships do not have any type of perimeter fencing or barrier.

While many sites have gates, these are not always 100% effective at keeping trespassers out. Incorporating live video monitoring to an auto dealerships’ security strategy is the needed additional layer that can provide the highest possible level of security while helping mitigate daytime liability issues as well.

Toward the back of an automotive dealership lot, a Stealth Monitoring security operator tracked a suspicious individual as the individual emerged between two parked vehicles, circle one of them on foot and trigger the advanced analytics protecting the site. The individual then walked down the line of the parked vehicles and appeared to open the driver’s side door of a different parked vehicle and get inside. Our operator immediately contacted police dispatch and alerted them to the crime in progress.

Soon, our security operator saw four officers canvassing the lot. They peered into parked vehicle inventory and searched the lot on foot using the location information conveyed by the Stealth security operator. Officers located the suspect hiding inside the parked vehicle in which he had previously attempted to open. They removed the suspect from the vehicle and one of the officers led the suspect, who appeared to be handcuffed, out of camera view.

Need for Speed Achieved with Stealth’s Live Video Monitoring

When it comes to trespassers on automotive dealership parking lots, the “need for speed” is crucial. The quicker police are notified that a suspicious individual has gained access to a lot, the quicker the situation can be resolved which can deter liability issues, theft, vandalism, loitering or other criminal behaviors. This can be accomplished with Stealth Monitoring’s highly trained security operators in combination with our advanced video analytics.

Because of our advanced video analytics, our operator in the above video was able to see the suspicious individual as soon as he set foot into the camera’s view. The operator used the site protocols and their training to identify that an individual circling a parked vehicle on the lot demonstrated suspicious behavior and contacted police immediately.

By the time the individual had gained access into the parked vehicle, police were already in route to the lot. Because officers were able to arrive so quickly, the suspect was still on the property and was intercepted by police.

Contact us to create and deploy our customized live video monitoring solution on your automotive lot to help quickly and effectively deter unwanted behaviors.