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Baltimore Area Car Theft Ring Stopped with Help from Stealth’s Live Video Monitoring

Posted by Robert Poe on Feb 3, 2023

Four young individuals, three teenagers and a young adult, respectively, are under arrest and facing charges related to several vehicle thefts in the Howard County area.

Stealth Monitoring’s trained security professionals helped to catch members of the suspected vehicle theft ring after spotting numerous suspicious incidents on remote surveillance at a variety of automotive dealerships across the region in which the patterns of behavior were remarkably similar.

Over a period of a few weeks, Stealth had alarmed and dispatched on several incidents believed to be caused by the same organized criminal group. Based on data gathered from our surveillance professionals and local law enforcement, a group of 3-5 suspects had attempted to steal vehicles from multiple dealerships by utilizing advanced methods, including breaking into night drop boxes. During the preceding weeks, despite a great police response, this organized criminal group was able evade law enforcement.

In the early morning hours of October 28, 2022, through our advanced analytic camera systems and intelligence driven operations, Stealth’s monitoring center response successfully dispatched on numerous incidents across various police jurisdictions, which ultimately led to the apprehension of what are believed to be the same suspects from prior weeks.

The attentive professionals at our monitoring center utilized detailed information from Stealth Monitoring’s community of monitored properties to effectively inform both the police dispatcher and the responding officers about the suspects and their activities in real time.

So, how did we do it? Read on for descriptions of the brazen youthful car thieves, and how Stealth Monitoring assisted local law enforcement in chasing down the criminals.

A Series of Car Thefts Stopped in Their Tracks with the Help of Live Surveillance

The chaos began when Stealth security professionals spotted three suspects approaching the showroom building of an auto dealership, with one of the suspects boldly carrying a yellow crowbar in plain view. Operators immediately reached out to local police dispatch considering the activity being observed, but the suspects quickly left the scene before officers arrived. This event led to an announcement to all monitoring centers to be on alert for suspicious activity at any other monitoring clients in the area.

 Three intruders walked onto the premises on another area auto dealership, fitting the same identity of the suspects who were seen on live video surveillance on a previous dealership property. As the suspects were seen running within alarms, police were dispatched and informed that the suspects, who were spotted by Stealth Monitoring security operators on the previous property, were on the premises of this dealership, but running across the street onto a third auto dealership property across the street.

When speaking with the police dispatcher, it was stated this was a “suspicious condition,” and could be related to a theft happened at a dealership in Woodlawn where an arrest was made. Detectives were expected to follow up with the dealership the next morning.

In a second scenario, a dispatch was made to a second auto dealership in the area in anticipation of suspects walking onto the premises and attempting to steal vehicles.

Two dispatches occurred on this second property at the same time- literally just moments apart. Two events were flagged simultaneously by Stealth security operators, as intruders were still active on a neighboring client’s premises, they made their way through a second monitoring client’s lot. Law enforcement dispatch had been contacted, but when police responded on scene, the suspects fled the area on foot. When our monitoring center staff followed up with police dispatch, we learned that the three suspects had been arrested on another property.

A third event occurred at yet another area dealership, where Stealth security operators monitoring the property took notice of intruders, and after also activating on-site alarms, police were simultaneously contacted and dispatched due to the nature of the activity observed. When the Stealth security operator contacted police dispatch, they were informed that the suspects spotted inside that lot were the same suspects spotted on a neighboring property. Dispatchers also relayed that were caught off-site at another location.

To follow up on the scenario and assure all clients were receiving premium security, additional contact with police dispatch revealed that an open investigation relating to several other precincts was underway, to verify if the multiple incidents were connected. This was not, however, the end of the spree.

Finally, four individuals were seen by Stealth Monitoring security operators walking through yet another Baltimore-area auto dealership lot, in between vehicles. Once the four suspicious individuals approached an SUV, they quickly entered the vehicle. Our security operators quickly took action, sounding on-site alarms and contacting local law enforcement simultaneously.

The suspects appeared to have heard the on-site alarms, and quickly made a run for the dealership perimeter fences, and eventually jumped the gates. However, officers had already arrived in response to dispatch calls and cornered the four youths, detaining and ultimately arresting three of them, charging them with burglary of a motor vehicle.

According to local news reports, a police spokesperson stated that “There was really no rhyme or reason in these cases, the cars were being stolen sometimes to joyride and then left abandoned somewhere. Sometimes they tried to sell them, sometimes they used them to commit other crimes, like steal additional cars or steal things out of other vehicles.”

Addressing the Unique Security Challenges of Auto Dealerships with Live Video Monitoring

Dealerships and other automotive spaces have a complex set of security concerns, just as any business that maintains a large outdoor inventory of assets.

Lots vary a great deal in sizes and shapes, so effective surveillance that can cover out-of-the-way corners and a variety of high-traffic spaces is important. Additionally, dealerships frequently have after-hours browsers, so it’s important that they aren’t discouraged, while the lot remains secure and protected.

Stealth’s live video monitoring is a proactive security solution that takes these unique factors and more into consideration. Going beyond traditional security measures, like guards who can only be in one place at a time, live video monitoring combines the cutting-edge technology of analytics-based cameras and the human intelligence of trained security operators to spot and respond to suspicious activity in progress.

Just as in the several cases in the Baltimore area listed above, we partner with law enforcement to provide real-time information about potential and ongoing suspicious or criminal activity, typically allowing officers to respond to threats and trespassers quickly enough to reduce or deter damages and losses.

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