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Best Video Surveillance System for Winter Weather Theft

Posted by Amy Hite on Nov 29, 2017

Criminal activity and behavior change with the seasons. During the summer, crime against people rises. In the winter, there is an increased amount of reported property theft, which makes it more critical to have the best video surveillance system in place. Property theft can occur at shopping centers, medical office spaces, flex space properties, multfamily apartments, car dealerships and other types of commercial properties.

According to a study called The Influence of the Seasons of Crime Rate, there are several hypotheses as to why theft goes up during the winter season. One popular theory is that basic human needs increase due to the pressures of finding shelter and reliable transportation during the cold weather. This can lead to car theft, food theft, and other types of property theft.

A second hypothesis is based on the job market. Seasonal unemployment reaches its peak in the winter months. Heat, clothing, and electricity expenses are much higher during the winter and people may have more difficulty paying these bills. Thieves without a stable income may be motivated to commit burglary.

An article by AccuWeather cites a report by Atlanta Crime Stoppers. The report states that people leave their cars unattended while they warm them up during the winter. This gives thieves an opportunity to steal the car. To avoid theft, owners should stay near the car while it warms up. Car owners can use that time to scrape ice or snow off the car and make sure that tires are safe and inflated.

Daylight hours may impact the increase of reported winter weather theft. It gets darker earlier during the winter months and thieves generally use the cover of night to commit crimes. Also, fewer daylight hours mean there will not be as many people out and active and the potential for witnesses will decrease.

Protect Your Property With the Best Video Surveillance System

The best video surveillance system can help protect your property from theft and damage. The best video surveillance system is one that is watched, to effectively deter and reduce crime. Trained operators can look for unusual activity, activate a speaker alert, and call the local police. Stealth Monitoring can watch your existing security cameras or provide a full customized solution with high resolution cameras and live video monitoring.

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