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Brazen Break-in Caught on Camera at Florida Auto Dealer

Posted by Erik Mullinax on Sep 15, 2023

It’s no secret that thieves target auto dealerships for a variety of reasons; from targeting high-value vehicles to stealing valuable parts, their methods have gotten more sophisticated and their actions bolder. A Danville, Pennsylvania dealership had three high-performance vehicles stolen from the dealership’s detailing garage resulting in significant damage and the loss of around $300K in inventory. Another bold theft was the first in 30 years of business for a Shrewsbury, Massachusetts dealership which resulted in roughly $120K in losses.

In this Arrest of the Month video, a Florida auto dealership was the target of a late-night brazen theft and burglary attempt. Unfortunately for the would-be thief, his attempt was caught on Stealth’s surveillance. Watch what happened below:

At 1:46 a.m., Stealth security operators monitoring a Florida auto dealer spotted an intruder entering the property after browsing hours. Audible warnings were immediately activated, and as the intruder proceeded to enter multiple vehicles, local police dispatch was contacted. Responding officers arrived quickly and were observed making contact with the suspect and placing him in custody without further incident.

Help Protect Your Outdoor Assets and Property from Theft and Other Criminal Activity with Proactive Security

While theft has always been an issue for automotive dealerships, there’s been a significant uptick in vehicle thefts across North America since the pandemic. Eight luxury cars snatched from a dealership in New Jersey, six vehicles valued at roughly $250K from a Graham, North Carolina dealership, and another loss of nearly $250K in vehicles from a showroom at a Hampstead, New Hampshire dealership- these stories have become increasingly common. It’s clear that a more proactive approach to security is needed.

Security guards and gates alone aren’t up to the challenge. Stealth Monitoring’s customized live video monitoring solution works in real time to help catch suspicious or unwanted activity on your property as it happens, rather than after the fact. Using a combination of technology and human intelligence, cutting-edge video analytics can alert highly trained security professionals to activity rather than simple movement.

When someone or something appears suspicious or out of place, our team of security operators can take immediate action, sounding onsite audible alarms, or contacting onsite security. When police intervention is advisable, we can contact local law enforcement dispatch and provide them with real-time information and descriptions of activity in progress, typically resulting in faster police responses and better overall outcomes.

Ready to learn more about how our solution can benefit your dealership while saving you up to 60% in security costs? Contact us today and speak with an automotive dealership security specialist and request your free quote.

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