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Flawed Building Security Leads to Trespasser Issues

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on Jul 12, 2017

Residential apartment owners and managers frequently have trespasser and loiterer problems. They know that it is important to do more and protect their residents, guests, and assets from homeless trespassers. Office space, residential, car dealership, and other commercial property managers seek Stealth because their current building security solutions are not sufficient. One residential property owner contacted Stealth with his issue. His quote was featured in our sister company’s Catch of the Month newsletter: Warehouse Thief Helps Himself & Is Arrested.

“We’ve got a six-story building we just bought and are renovating. The building has a number of nearby homeless shelters and many times, people will break in during the night and sleep inside, usually leaving trash and broken windows.”

– Multifamily Property Owner

Homeless Trespasser on University Campus

Building security is an ongoing problem at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas. One problem involved a homeless man entering a class in session. At about 8:00am, a vagrant entered a classroom. He was armed with a knife. A few minutes later, the suspect left the university classroom. University Police sent warnings to faculty, staff, and students about the vagrant trespasser. The Austin Police found the suspect a few blocks away and arrested him.

Criminals can walk into classrooms just as easily as the students and faculty. After hours, some entrances on campus remain unlocked. After the incident, students voiced their concerns about increased building security. A University of Texas in Austin spokesperson said that they are looking into new building security solutions. This includes keycard access for certain areas on campus.

The University of Texas Police Chief said that homeless trespassing on campus has increased. Similar crimes have decreased overall in Austin, Texas. In the last two years, there have been less than 8,000 reported cases of homeless person related crime. The criminal activity decreased after the Austin Police moved officers to areas experiencing homeless crime.

The multifamily property owner and the University of Texas in Austin are not Stealth clients.

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