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Burglar Breaks into Apartment Common Area – Just to Browse the Internet?

Posted by Alex Godwin-Austen on Jun 1, 2023

Security challenges are varied for multifamily residential property owners and managers. While we tend to think first of parking facility issues, entrance and exit security, liability risks at pools, gyms, and other amenities, and late-night noise or loitering- criminals will find new ways to exploit gaps in security wherever they may exist. 

In the below video, a burglar broke into a California apartment community’s lounge for what appeared to be a rather unusual reason. Unfortunately for him, Stealth Monitoring was watching. 

At approximately 3:54 a.m., Stealth security professionals monitoring a California apartment community were made aware of suspicious activity on the property. A closer look revealed an individual accessing the community lounge space through a window, climbing inside, and taking a look around the space before heading for the bank of computers available for resident access. However, rather than grabbing the electronics and attempting to steal them, the suspect proceeded to sit down and start browsing the internet. Stealth operators contacted local law enforcement, who arrived on site and made contact with the break-in browser, taking him into custody.  

Proactive Security Measures Can Help Protect Your Property from Criminal Activity of All Kinds 

Unusual motivations like the one seen above, or the classics- theft, drug use, violence, vandalism- can cause criminals to target the multiple common spaces multifamily residential properties have developed for the use and enjoyment of their residents. 

Keeping these spaces clean, safe, and well-maintained is a vital component to the success of a community. Damage, misuse, and vandalism of these spaces can cause not only inconvenience and a nuisance but can ultimately damage a building’s reputation. Broken or damaged amenities frustrate existing residents while also deterring potential new residents- and can have a negative impact on a property’s value.    

Stealth’s live video monitoring is an innovative, proactive security solution. Using a combination of trained security professionals and cutting-edge analytics-based surveillance, live video monitoring allows us to see and respond to suspicious or unwanted activity in real time. Unlike traditional security solutions that may only become useful after a crime has been committed, when our trained security professionals are alerted to activity on your property, they can take immediate action- utilizing onsite warning speakers or contacting local police dispatch when necessary. Thanks to our ability to provide law enforcement with live descriptions and details regarding criminal activity in progress, they typically elevate our call priority and arrive on site more quickly.  

Ready to learn more about how Stealth’s live video monitoring can help improve security outcomes at your property while saving you up to 60% on security costs? Contact us today to discuss your specific security needs- our multifamily security specialists are ready to help! Texas Private Security License Number: B14187.