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Burglary and Robbery Prevention at Commercial Sites

Posted by David Charney on Oct 26, 2017

There are various burglary and robbery prevention methods that can increase the overall safety of your business and commercial property. Over time, these changes can lead to an increase in marketability while simultaneously decreasing operational expenses. Live video monitoring can help reduce burglary, loss, and damage. It’s a proven enterprise solution.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) published business crime prevention tips for office buildings, warehouses, industrial sites, car dealerships, retail plazas, and other commercial sites.

Burglary Prevention

These are some ways to potentially deter burglaries at your property.

  • Make sure that entrances, exits, and other access points have deadbolt locks. If your property has padlocks, use ones that are made of steel and are locked at all times. Scratch out or remove the serial numbers to avoid duplicate keys being made.
  • Line exterior and security doors with metal and secure them with cross bars. Pin exposed hinges to prevent them from being removed.
  • Keep both the interior and exterior of the business well lit, including parking lots, parking garages, gates, alleys, and entrances. Lighting should be placed near windows, skylights, doors, and other entry points. Consider adding covers to prevent vandalism and tampering with light sources.

Robbery Prevention

Robberies and burglaries are thefts that involve unauthorized entrance. However, the big difference between robberies and burglaries is that robberies use fear or force. Robberies at businesses are not as common as burglaries. On the other hand, the potential loss from robberies can be significantly higher. Robberies can also lead to serious injury or death.

  • Greet each guest as they enter the business. Personal contact with would-be-robbers can decrease the likelihood of theft.
  • Eliminate blind spots in the store where suspects can hide.
  • Place cash registers in the front area of the store. This robbery prevention tactic increases the probability of someone witnessing a crime in progress.
  • Keep only a small amount of cash in the registers and have a drop safe for larger bills. Cashiers can do this to decrease the amount of money a robber could steal.

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