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Business Park Trespasser in Custody Thanks to Cameras

Posted by Rick Charney on Oct 12, 2022

Office complexes, business parks, and other commercial properties are often faced with security challenges because of trespassing or loitering after hours. Rather than waiting for break-ins and vandalism to occur, property owners and managers alike would prefer deterrent methods.  

In the video above, it was 3:00 a.m. when an alert Stealth Monitoring security operator observed an individual accessing the property of a California business park. Hanging around closed businesses at the witching hour didn’t signal wholesome activity was about to occur, so the security professional immediately contacted local police to inform them of a trespass in progress. Responding officers arrived on site quickly, searched the area, and later took the individual into custody outside of camera view.  

Help Reduce Vandalism, Theft, and other Liability at Your Property with Live Video Monitoring 

Commercial properties face security risks – many perceived public spaces can be easily accessed at night by those looking to make mischief, bed down for the night, or attempt more serious criminal activities. Whether they’re simply “hanging out,” or not, loitering and trespassing can lead to major liabilities for property owners. 

Live video monitoring goes beyond traditional security cameras or guards. A proactive approach, it uses a combination of cutting-edge technology and human intelligence to spot and respond to potential risks. Trained security professionals monitor live video surveillance that recognizes suspicious activity- not just movement- and respond according to protocols.  

In the video above, it was clear that a criminal trespass was occurring, and our operator quickly contacted local authorities, allowing them to arrive on scene before any damage occurred on the property.  

Traditional cameras have limited scope, and watching activity after it has happened limits the ability of law enforcement to respond in time. Security guards are expensive and can only be in one place at a time. 

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