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Business Security Camera Footage of Dallas Luxury Smash & Grab

Posted by Rick Charney on Apr 8, 2016

An unwatched business security camera inside a high-end shop in Highland Park, north of Dallas, could not deter smash and grab criminals.

It was still dark outside when a white and maroon van pulled up next to the shopping center. This occurred about four hours before normal business hours. Several men attempted to shatter the store front window by kicking and punching it and using blunt objects. Because the initial attempts failed, the maroon van crashed into the display window of the high-end boutique. According to the time stamped footage from the business security camera, this occurred at about 6:30 A.M. Moments later, the white van drops off more criminals at the shopping center. About 12 thieves scattered inside the boutique. They quickly began grabbing about 50 purses that were valued between $2,000 – $15,000. The thieves also made off with a pair of women’s shoes that retailed for $1400.

Based on the released footage from their business security camera, there was no flashing lights or any indication that an alarm went off in this luxury boutique. In less than two minutes, the thieves left the shopping center with the stolen goods.

Smash and grab thefts like this are typically identified by the criminals’ speed and surprise. Although there was a business security camera present at this Dallas boutique shop, it was not monitored live and was not used to alert police about the crime.

Business owners and residents of the Highland Park area called to report the crime. A police officer reported that he saw the getaway cars but at the time thought they were both involved in a collision. The police officer called for a backup when he learned that a vehicle crashed into a display window of the Highland Park Dallas shopping center.

The smash and grab vans were abandoned in the middle of the road and an alley. Several of the criminals took off on foot while abandoning several of the stolen merchandise in bushes and other nearby locations. Most of the stolen goods were recovered. Eventually all seven of the thieves were caught and arrested. They were charged with first degree theft of property and felony criminal mischief.

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