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What Should You do Before You Buy a Business Security System

Posted by David Charney on Aug 10, 2017

A business security system can be a huge investment. Larger commercial real estate properties may require several security cameras and NVRs to store the video. Additional components of a security system include wireless/mobile networking equipment, internet access, data cable, conduits, additional lighting, and installation labor. The labor and security system itself can cost thousands of dollars. Property managers and owners should plan their security solution before they purchase their surveillance cameras.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Business Security System

What Kind of Expectations Do We Have?

There is no business security system in the world that can stop every single crime at all times. Be wary of a security system consultant or seller that makes that guarantee. A professionally customized and installed security camera system will increase your commercial property’s probability of deterring and reducing criminal activity. It won’t be perfect because of a series of different variables. This includes criminal activity location, the number of security cameras, the quality of the surveillance cameras, camera locations, how the cameras were aimed and set up, the maintenance on quality of video cameras and NVR equipment, lighting, and internet access.

Who is Watching Your Surveillance Cameras?

Unwatched surveillance cameras can’t help prevent or deter crimes in progress. The best thing they can do is to record video that can be used as evidence AFTER the crime. Live video monitoring leverages your investments in your business security system. A trained video surveillance monitor can activate an on-site speaker to deter trespassers and potential criminals. Local police can be contacted when the suspects remain on the commercial property before they cause any damage or loss.

Prepare Your Real Estate Property

A modern business security system relies on open camera views and Internet networking for remote video surveillance. Commercial-grade Internet access is necessary to handle real-time video feeds. Mobile networking may need to be installed for surveillance cameras located at different buildings. Additional lighting and poles may need to be installed for outdoor security. Have a network professional evaluate your current Internet capabilities, configuration, and bandwidth before new installations. You may have to upgrade your current network infrastructure if necessary.

More Megapixels Does Not Mean More Effective Security

A higher megapixel surveillance camera is not an end-all security solution. It is important to consider the overall impact of your business security system. Even though a higher megapixel security camera makes daytime surveillance more clear, it may not be the same for night security video. Also, higher megapixel surveillance cameras are more expensive. A business security system professional can assess whether you can use lower megapixel cameras with a high quantity. They may be able to customize your security solution based on your operational needs.

Another factor to consider is that higher megapixel surveillance cameras require more bandwidth. This leads to increased internet, increased transmission, and increased download times. Real-time video feeds have a lower frame rate. While video quality may look better, the video could look jerky. It makes it harder for video monitors to detect and evaluate activity on a commercial site.

Camera Placement is Critical

It is important to place cameras at optimal viewing angles to have the best chance to catch criminal activity. Commercial properties can range in size and offer different areas where cameras can be placed. Outdoor surveillance cameras can be found on poles and on the side or top of buildings. Your business security system provider should work closely with you to determine the camera and speaker quantity and the best height, angle, and physical locations.

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