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Businesses in High-Income Shopping Area Must Work on Crime Prevention

Posted by Rick Charney on Jun 19, 2015

You may think that a shopping center in a section of Los Angeles that boasts a median household income of $57,124 wouldn’t have to worry about protecting its exterior. But they do.

Businesses in this high-income shopping area cater to the wealthy as well as the up-and-coming. Real estate is expensive—both commercial as well as residential property—in this award-winning area of town.

Nevertheless, the area is no stranger to crime. Naturally, this affects local businesses who must protect themselves to secure their property and customers.

These recent violent crimes affected businesses:

  • Immediately across the street from the lot of a used car dealer, gunfire broke out at Woodbine Park on April 16. The incident claimed three victims, and one of them died.
  • Two men were injured in another shooting incident just minutes and blocks away at a strip mall. Police labeled these attacks as gang-related violence.

Even though the area businesses aren’t located in a high-crime area, concerned residents are speaking out, and businesses are affected by their customers’ sense of insecurity. There are even more examples:

  • About a year ago, someone shot a man at a local restaurant at a shopping center.
  • On April 6 a man who with a gunshot wound walked into a different local restaurant at a mall to seek help.
  • A 33-year-old man sustained a fatal gunshot on April 22. He’d just purchased a cup of coffee when someone shot him from behind.

Evidence of graffiti also pops up from time to time, entailing business clean-up costs.

What’s being done? Police have augmented patrols in Palms. But, business owners know that they can’t count on the occasional patrol car passing by during the dark of the night to ensure their business’s protection. They need watchful eyes 24/7.

Even in a high-income shopping area of town– amid mansions and high-priced apartments– businesses are turning to video monitoring to protect themselves.

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