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Busted: Nude Mailroom Thief

Posted by David Charney on Nov 2, 2022

When residents in multifamily communities notice they have missing packages, they’ll often reach out to property management to help resolve the issue. Was it misdelivered, or could the property be the target of mailroom theft? 

Around 2:24 in the morning, a Stealth Monitoring security professional was alerted to a man biking into the parking facilities of a residential community. The security operator observed the man make his way directly to the mailroom, headed straight for the variety of potential targets for theft kept there. The man then began to strip off his clothing. Completely nude, he began opening packages in the mailroom. 

Our alert security professional contacted local police dispatch right away, and continued observation of the nude mailroom invader as he accessed multiple packages. Police responded to the call minutes later and took the man into custody, after managing to get him back into some pants. 

Take Proactive Measures to Help Protect Your Residents and Their Property 

Package theft may be a pervasive issue in most residential areas. That doesn’t have to be the case in your multifamily communities. Rather than forcing your residents to try and find workarounds to avoid their goods being stolen before they make it into their residence, adding live video monitoring to your security solutions can help prevent and deter criminal activity before the damage is done. 

The average value of stolen packages among victims of package theft in the last year was $140. With most victims experiencing that theft 2.6 times in that same period, you can imagine how much of a concern this is for residents, especially as the holiday season approaches.  

Don’t let security concerns, or unexpected contact with nude invaders drive away your residents. Live video monitoring can proactively help deter unwanted activity like theft and loitering in your communities and common spaces. Using a combination of analytics-based cameras and trained security operators who monitor the feeds, when an operator notices suspicious activity, they can quickly act and contact local law enforcement to help diffuse the situation.  

Just as you saw above, quick action can lead to the arrest and removal of someone violating the safety and security of your residents and their property. If you’d like to learn more about how live video monitoring can help deter unwanted activity at your community, contact us for more details.