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California Apartments Can Benefit from Video Surveillance

Stealth Monitoring will be exhibiting our services at the Southern Cities Trade Show on September 20 in Long Beach. Attendees can visit us at booth 316. On the same day, Stealth Monitoring at the California Apartment Association Reverse Trade Show in Foster City. California apartments can be victims of damage, theft and bad publicity. As a manager or owner, you must be vigilant in helping to protect your property from unwanted activity. One proactive and cost-effective solution is remote video surveillance. Stealth’s service combines the latest surveillance technology with highly-skilled and experienced live video monitoring operators trained to proactively identify suspicious activity and deter live crimes in progress. Our customized solution is typically 25-60% more cost-effective than security guards. On-site security guards can only be in one place at a time, and much of their work is idle time you are paying for. Our trained operators and surveillance technology provide eyes everywhere at once, and they don’t take breaks on your time.

The following California apartments could have benefitted from live video monitoring:

The first incident occurred at a multifamily apartment parking garage in Hollywood, California. According to the article, a water main burst on the morning of September 6 and flooded the garage, submerging some of the vehicles. Had live video surveillance been implemented, a trained security operator could have caught the incident in its early stages and alerted the apartment managers before the water levels rose too high.

Another incident occurred on September 3, when eight people were shot at a San Bernardino apartment complex while playing a game. Three were critically injured. A police spokesperson said that little is known about the shooting because victims have been unwilling to cooperate. Evidence at the crime scene showed that multiple guns were used. There is gang activity in the area, however it’s too early to determine if this event was tied to gang rivalry. Again, this situation may have been avoided with live remote video surveillance. Our operators are trained to look for suspicious activity such as a large gathering or aggressive body language. If the situation warrants, they can activate a speaker warning to deter the activity and call local police. Officers typically respond more quickly to calls from Stealth since they know there is a crime in progress.

With over 18,000 cameras across North America, we can have eyes on your property in real-time and can be instantly alerted to unusual behavior. We offer a more sophisticated, flexible and cost-effective security solution that can integrate with your existing setup. Want to see for yourself? The following videos showcase how our apartment security clients have benefited from live video surveillance.

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