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What to Know Before You Buy A Camera System for Business

Posted by Amy Hite on Aug 4, 2017

Buying a camera system for business can be an expensive investment. A large commercial real estate property may require several security cameras, as well as an NVR to store the video, wired and mobile networking equipment, Internet access, data cable, conduits, added lighting, and installation labor that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Property owners and managers should carefully plan their security solution before purchasing commercial video cameras.

Tips for Purchasing a Video Camera System for Business

Have Reasonable Expectations

No surveillance security system will stop crime for sure on your commercial property. Be wary of security system consultants and sellers that make any guarantees. A professional camera system for business will increase your chances of deterring and reducing criminal activity. But it’s not perfect as it depends on many factors, such as where the crime happened, the number of surveillance cameras, the quality of the business cameras, where the cameras are located, how the cameras are aimed and setup, the maintenance of video cameras and network equipment, current and reliable Internet access and power availability, lighting, clear unobstructed views, and so on.

Who’s Watching Your Cameras?

Unwatched cameras can’t be used to help prevent live crimes in progress. They can only be used to record crime after the fact when buildings may have been broken into and valuable property may have been stolen. Live video monitoring leverages your investment in your video camera system. Speaker systems can be activated to warn trespassers and potential criminals away. Police can be called when suspects are still on-site before they cause damage and loss.

Prepare Your Real Estate Site

A modern camera system for business relies on clean camera views and campus and Internet networking for remote surveillance. Commercial-grade Internet access is required to handle real-time video feeds. Mobile networking may be needed to connect surveillance cameras located at separate buildings. Lightning and poles may need to be added and trees and shrubs cut back to provide best visibility.

Have a network professional evaluate your current bandwidth and Internet access and configuration before installation. Upgrade your current network infrastructure if necessary.

Higher Megapixels Does Not Mean More Effective Security

Higher megapixel security cameras make daytime business monitoring video more clear. But consider the overall effect on your camera system for business. Top of the line surveillance cameras are much more expensive. So you can afford fewer cameras and cover less of your property. Video performance can be reduced at night or in dimly lit areas.

Higher megapixel cameras require higher bandwidth, resulting in increased Internet costs and increased transmission and download times. Real-time video feeds have a lower frame rate. As a result, while video quality is better, the video can look jerky and make activity more difficult to detect and evaluate.

Camera Placement is Critical

Camera placement is critical for optimal viewing and the best opportunity to catch suspicious criminal behavior. Commercial properties can encompass a lot of area and offer many different security camera locations on the side and on top of buildings and poles. Your business security service provider should work closely with you to consider the number of cameras needed and the best height, angle, and physical location of each, as well as audio speakers.

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