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Cameras Catch Masked Intruder Breaking into Multiple Apartment Storage Units

Posted by Al Zoricic on May 17, 2024


Multifamily residential communities have a wide variety of potential security vulnerabilities to consider. Hot spots like mailrooms, apartment storage units, and parking garages make particularly enticing targets for criminal elements to exploit- areas where foot traffic is normal and multiple targets can be quickly taken advantage of. In this Arrest of the Month video, an intruder thought he had a clever ruse in place- but he was unaware that Stealth security pros were watching him in real time. 

At approximately 7:45 pm, Stealth security professionals monitoring a Washington apartment building spotted an individual wearing their hood up and a face mask entering the property. Initially, their behavior seemed normal aside from attire, but a closer look revealed the individual behaving suspiciously before entering the residents’ storage area and accessing multiple units. Audible warning alarms were activated, and police dispatchers were contacted. Responding officers took the individual into custody without further incident.  

Storage unit break-ins at multifamily residential properties pose a significant concern due to the potential personal and financial impact they can have on residents. These incidents often occur because thieves perceive storage units as low-risk, high-reward targets packed with valuables. Despite the reality that many units primarily store items of sentimental or moderate financial value, the perception persists and encourages criminal activity. 

One major issue with these break-ins is the delayed discovery of thefts. Residents might not visit their storage units frequently, which means a break-in might go undetected for weeks or even months. This delay can severely hamper the effectiveness of any investigations and the recovery of stolen goods. Adding to the complexity, insurance might not always cover losses, especially if the resident fails to prove forced entry or adequate security measures by the facility. 

Security-minded multifamily residential community owners and managers can help to combat these break-ins through several strategies aimed at improving security and reducing the appeal to thieves. Installing security cameras and alarms and providing well-lit environments are foundational steps.  

Effective management practices can also include conducting regular security audits, maintaining a visible security presence, and ensuring that residents understand their responsibilities regarding insurance and personal security measures. Education about the risks and preventive measures can also help residents protect themselves against potential losses. 

Help Fortify Your Multifamily Residential Communities with Stealth’s Proactive Live Video Monitoring Solution 

In the realm of multifamily residential communities, the threat of criminal activity looms large, with malicious individuals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities and wreak havoc in various forms, from break-ins into residents’ storage units and mailrooms to trespassing and loitering on the premises. As clearly demonstrated by the success story of the partnership between Stealth and CORE Apartments in Anaheim, live video monitoring – a proactive security solution – can make a significant difference in helping to deter and disperse criminal and unwanted activity. 

Time and time again, property management teams have witnessed the limitations of relying solely on traditional security methods such as passive surveillance cameras and physical barriers. These conventional approaches, while useful, can often be circumvented or ignored by intruders, trespassers, and loiterers. Moreover, while surveillance footage can retrospectively confirm a crime, it lacks the immediacy of intervention, especially without real-time monitoring. 

This is where proactive security solutions, epitomized by Stealth’s live video monitoring, come in. This advanced approach can help overcome the limitations of traditional security measures, offering a more engaged and responsive strategy. By integrating sophisticated video analytics that focus on specific activities rather than mere motion detection and employing a team of trained security professionals to monitor surveillance feeds in real-time, our solution delivers real-time surveillance with a significant difference. 

At the heart of Stealth’s system are our security operators, diligently overseeing key areas of your property. This allows them not only to monitor but also to interact proactively when they identify suspicious behavior. They can deploy audible warnings to effectively deter potential offenders, or in cases where auditory alerts are insufficient, they have the capability to directly contact local law enforcement and provide live, detailed information about crimes in progress. This ability to offer real-time intelligence often results in a higher priority response from law enforcement agencies. 

For those managing multifamily residential communities or properties and seeking a robust, proactive, and cost-effective security solution, Stealth’s live video monitoring offers a compelling option. It can not only help enhance security but can also offer significant savings compared to traditional security guard services – up to 60%. Contact us today and speak with one of our multifamily residential security specialists for details and a free quote.  

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