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How Can Video Analytics Improve Security at Your Commercial Site?

Posted by Amy Hite on Sep 14, 2017

What is video analytics software?

Commercial security operators analyze live surveillance video from analog and IP security cameras with video analytics software. The software allows security monitors to better identify potential threats when managing a high quantity of security camera feeds. Video analytics can help increase security at shopping centers, residential apartment complexes, and car dealerships.

How does video analytics work?

Some surveillance cameras, NVRs, or third party software have built-in video analytics software. Video analytics enhances the process of real-time video surveillance. A live video monitoring security service provider can define the rules, filters, and algorithms used in video software that alerts operators to specific activity.

This software can identify potential threats with object classification. The smart software can differentiate a moving tree branch or a trespasser’s movement. Shaking fences, car lights, and shadows can also be filtered to help minimize false alarms.

What are the benefits of video analytics software?

Video analytics has different benefits that include:

  • Motion detection
  • Human presence detection
  • Tracking people or vehicles
  • Facial recognition
  • License plate reading

Clients can customize video analytics software to best fit their needs. Is is important to know that the environment may need to be optimized in order to activate these benefits. For example, a camera’s optimal position and lighting can impact the quality of the security video. Better quality surveillance cameras will lead to more reliable identification of would-be criminals and suspicious activity.

A brief history of video analytics

Video surveillance once meant that an on-duty security guard would watch surveillance camera feeds from a dedicated room at a commercial property. Eventually, the number of surveillance cameras watched increased while the security guard’s ability to effectively watch them decreased. An on-site security guard may have his attention on one monitor while the criminal activity is occurring on a different screen. Another inefficiency with this method is that security guards have different standards to identify suspicious activity.

Modern video monitoring with video analytics software is based on the traditional security guard design without the inefficiencies. Video analytics uses a combination of algorithms to analyze security video in real time. It can alert trained security monitors of any potential activity. The surveillance video dashboard gives commercial property security operators an enterprise-wide view of the security video system statuses and maintenance issues across one site.

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