Car Catches Fire in the Middle of an Apartment Parking Lot

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on January 2, 2019

Parking lot safety is always a concern for apartment residents and property managers. Loiterers, vandals and other unwanted visitors could be lurking behind cars, waiting to make their move on innocent people. Sometimes even more unexpected activity can occur.

In a previous ‘Catch of the Month’, our trained security operators saw a car burst into flames at a Wichita, Kansas multifamily apartment complex.

In a span of just minutes, the car went from a light smoke to full-on flames. It appeared that residents attempted to put out the fires on their own, however, their efforts were unsuccessful. Stealth’s security operators called the local fire department, who arrived and extinguished the flames.

In the next video, a group of men shot fireworks throughout the multifamily apartment parking lot, as well as other areas of the property. One of the flares ignited some vegetation. Our operators called the local fire department who arrived and extinguished the flames before they could cause additional damage.

In addition to injuring people and damaging property, fires at a multi-family residential property can have costly consequences. The costs to repair and rebuild a structure can sometimes be prohibitive to a property owner. Even if the damage isn’t severe, fires can deter current residents from renewing their leases and keep potential ones from signing new ones. In either case, occupancy rates and net operating income will be impacted.

When anything suspicious occurs, it’s crucial to act immediately. Stealth security operators are trained to watch for unusual activity, evaluate the situation and respond according to the specified site protocol. When Stealth calls police, they know it’s a crime in progress, so they elevate the priority level, which often speeds response times. In addition, our video review team can analyze footage from specific events and present owners and managers with clips that can be used as evidence for insurance claims or police investigations.

Vandalism, property damage and fire can have devasting effects on an apartment community. A proactive video monitoring solution is an effective way to help protect property, tenants and other valuable assets.

If you would like more information on how a customized multi-family apartment security solution can help deter fires and other suspicious activities on your property, contact us here.

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