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Car Dealer Security Measures to Decrease False Claims

Posted by Norm Charney on Feb 7, 2018

Auto dealership owners and managers need to increase their car dealer security to protect their assets and business. Protecting a dealership from false claims, like fake injuries, incorrect business practices, and car damage, is one facet of security that often gets overlooked. People will continue to file false claims, but you can protect your car dealership with these car dealer security measures.

How do you run your dealership?

What managers and owners say and how they say it impacts the overall tone of the business. It can influence your employees’ behavior and your car dealership’s reputation. You are less likely to be faced with false claims if you run an honest business.

It’s important for car dealership managers and owners to invest in the safety and security of employees and assets. The least expensive options are not always the best choices when it comes to purchasing equipment and tools. When all the safety requirements meet exemplary expectations, it becomes harder for a false claim to hold any merit.

A monitored car dealer security system can also impact the overall feel of your dealership because it provides a sense of security.

Is your training up to par?

Another car dealer security measure is to provide ample training to your employees. After all, they are your first line of defense when it comes to recognizing the signs of suspicious behavior. And that is key in deterring criminal activity at your dealership.

You may consider bringing in a specialist who can train your employees on what to look out for. Additionally, it is essential for mechanics and maintenance workers to have safety training since they work with potentially dangerous equipment. Minor negligence could lead to detrimental results.

A word of caution: Employees may be hesitant to report negligent or suspicious behavior for fear of damaging relationships with coworkers. You can combat this by providing an anonymous comment box or a reporting hotline.

Enhance Car Dealer Security With Video Surveillance

The presence of surveillance cameras can deter customers or employees from making false claims. Since video footage can prove that vehicles were already damaged when they arrived at the dealership, it can be used as evidence against false claims.