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What Dealerships Need to Know about 2023 to Be Prepared

Despite the world returning to a new normal, the automotive dealership industry continues to be in a crisis regarding vehicle sales and inventory. A large…

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Top 5 Solutions to Stop Cargo Theft

Cargo thefts are a booming business. Organized crime rings plan sophisticated thefts that allow them to steal more than $1 million worth of cargo. They…

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Why You Need Time-Lapse Cameras on Construction Sites

Have you ever watched a time-lapse camera? How about a video that’s a collection of clips from a time-lapse camera? Audiences find them both captivating….

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6 Ways to Deter Crime When It’s on the Rise

Many companies are laying off their employees. Inflation has been a thorn for a while. These and many other signs indicate a recession is coming….

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Construction Theft Data You Need to Know About

Thanks to the price of materials reaching an all-time high along with inflation and the supply chain mess, construction theft continues to plague the industry….

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