Car Dealership Suffers Huge 100+ Tire & Wheel Theft

Posted by Norm Charney on April 6, 2015

A Chevrolet dealership was the victim of a huge wheel theft incident. Thieves managed to steal more than a hundred sets of tires and wheels from trucks in a car dealership in Richardson during one morning last year. A theft of this magnitude was possible because of the lack of surveillance cameras and service at the dealership.

Huge Wheel Theft

The report actually says that the amount of wheel theft participants that stole 120 sets of tires and wheels from a Chevrolet dealership last year is still uknown. They can only assume that it occurred somewhere between 9 PM and 7 AM in the morning. This is when the lot was left unattended.

Many of these wheels included 20-inch rims. The value of the money lost due to the wheel theft is still undisclosed by the police at last count. The dealership is located near Dallas, Texas.

Additionally, the police had no leads about the crime at all because there were no surveillance cameras at the scene of the theft nor were there any witnesses on the property. So, there was no record of what had happened and no description of the thieves.

This is likely the reason why the thieves targeted this particular dealership in the first place. After all, a burglary of that magnitude relies on the thieves knowing that they can get away with it.

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