Car Dealership Surveillance System Leads to Police to Suspects

Posted by Norm Charney on August 7, 2017

A car dealership surveillance system can help protect your outdoor assets, office spaces, service centers, and automobiles after the auto dealership closes for the night. One client benefited from their customized car dealership security system. Two armed suspects entered the car dealership after hours and tried to hide from the El Paso, Texas Police. With the help of a car dealership security operator, the El Paso Police arrested the suspects before they could leave the property. The scene of the criminal activity was a Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram car dealership.

Car Thieves Lose Hide and Seek Match with Police at Auto Dealership

A car dealership surveillance operator saw two unauthorized men enter a client's property. The suspects were involved with previous car burglaries at other El Paso, Texas dealerships. Our car dealership surveillance cameras followed the suspects around the property. The security operator called the local police for the crime in progress.

The two suspects hid their faces behind masks. One of the suspects was armed with a sledgehammer. According to an El Paso crime report, the responding police officers saw a Dodge Durango parked outside of the car dealership. The police also said that they saw a sledgehammer and gun inside the truck. The El Paso Police looked for the suspects at the car dealership. A security monitor followed the suspects' activities via the HD outdoor car dealership surveillance cameras. The car dealership security operator updated the responding police officers of the suspects' movements.

The suspects attempted to hide from the police away from the car dealership property. A car dealership surveillance operator told the police officers that the suspects were attempting to flee. The suspects drove from their spot while the headlights were off. The El Paso police saw the getaway vehicle and arrested them.

After the arrest, the suspects admitted that they were involved with car dealership burglaries at other dealerships. They stole a Jeep Wrangler and told the police that they took it to their multifamily apartment complex

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