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Car Dealership Video Enables Police to Track Criminals

Posted by Norm Charney on May 18, 2016

Stealth Monitoring car dealership video helped police catch car burglars in El Paso, TX at a Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram dealer. The two suspects were involved in previous car burglaries at another dealer as well.

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At 10:30 PM car dealership video showed trespassers on the car lot. A Stealth Monitoring operator called the El Paso Police department. The video cameras followed a burglary in progress. The two masked suspects were on the property after hours and in an area dedicated for employee use. It appeared that one of the masked suspects was armed with a sledgehammer.

According to a news report from the El Paso Times, the police saw a Dodge Durango parked on the side of the dealership when they arrived. The police looked inside and found a sledgehammer and a pistol. The police patrolled the car dealership. Stealth proactive car dealership video surveillance continued to monitor and locate the trespassers.

The two criminals hid in a nearby desert. Stealth Monitoring told the police that the trespassers were returning to the Dodge Durango. The car dealership video caught the vehicle attempting to drive off the lot with its headlights off. The thieves were immediately pulled over by the police. The police told the suspects that they were being pulled over because their brake light was not working properly. According to police documents, the suspects said they were only trying to look at new cars. They were able to get into more than 10 vehicles at the dealership. Both of the suspects were arrested on suspicion of criminal trespass.

Another article from the El Paso Times tied the previous theft of a Jeep Wrangler at a different dealer to the suspects. A police spokesman said that these suspects were also involved with stealing a satellite radio from another car dealership. These two theft incidents did not occur at a Stealth Monitoring client location.

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