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Catalytic Converter Thefts Cost Residents and Dealerships Thousands

Posted by Norm Charney on Jun 22, 2018

Catalytic converter thefts are a continuous concern for auto dealerships across the United States. It is a fear that has played out all too often for businesses in Santa Barbara County, Oakland, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria and San Diego, California.

SUVs and other types of raised vehicles are more likely to be targeted because they sit higher off the ground, so it’s easier for someone to crawl under them and work undetected. With a few cuts from a battery-powered saw, a catalytic converter can be stolen in less than a minute and sold for scrap for around $200. Unless you move your inventory regularly, you may not even know it’s gone until you take the car on a test drive, and that could cost you a customer.

What can you do to safeguard yourself? San Diego Country investigators recommend that drivers park on busy streets, close to a building and in well-lit areas. They also suggest that car owners buy a catalytic converter theft deterrent from an auto parts store, secure the converter to the car’s frame and engrave your license plate number onto the converter so it can be traced.

For auto dealerships, parking trucks and SUVs in well-lit areas is a first line of defense. Live video surveillance can also help increase the overall security of the property. After all, deterring crime before it happens is the best way to protect yourself.

Stealth’s car dealership surveillance system is customized for each client. Trained security operators look for suspicious activity in real time, via security camera feeds. If they see something suspicious, they can activate an on-site speaker or contact local police. Click the video bellow to see how Stealth helped El Paso Police locate and arrest would-be thieves at a Texas car dealership.

Catalytic converter thefts cause many problems for car owners, as well as dealerships. Depending on the model, the cost to replace one can be $1,000 or more. Taking proactive measures, including live video surveillance, can help deter thieves and keep valuable inventory safe.

Contact us to learn more about car dealership security and how we can help prevent and deter catalytic convert thefts.