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Catalytic Converter Thief Busted at Baltimore Auto Dealership

Posted by Curtis Lloyd on Mar 15, 2023

The never-ending battle that is auto dealerships, owners, and businesses vs. catalytic converter thieves continues with no apparent end in sight, despite laws designed to discourage the black-market sales and scrappers. See what happened when a catalytic converter thief targeted a Baltimore automotive dealership where Stealth was watching: 

An alert Stealth security professional monitoring a Baltimore-area automotive dealership spotted an individual walking onto the property after hours. The operator observing activated the onsite audible alarm, but the individual ignored the warning, which led the operator to immediately contact police dispatch. The suspect then crawled underneath multiple inventory vehicles, removing their catalytic converters.  

Police arrived on site quickly and spotted the thief, who fled on foot. Officers later confirmed to Stealth that they successfully pursued and arrested the suspect for the thefts. 

Help Deter Car Parts and Catalytic Converter Thieves with Proactive Security Solutions 

As long as catalytic converters contain valuable metals and are relatively easy to remove from a vehicle, thieves looking to make a quick buck will continue to target them. Gates, fences, and security guards are often not enough to stop determined thieves. 

A proactive security solution, like Stealth’s live video monitoring, can help deter and disperse criminal activity in real time. Using an integrated approach that combines cutting-edge analytics-based cameras and the human intelligence of trained security professionals, Stealth’s live video monitoring allows for a real-time response to unwanted or suspicious activity as it happens. 

Just as in the example above, when staff monitoring the property of a client spot something or someone out of place, they can respond according to site protocols, activating onsite alarms and contacting local law enforcement when needed. This real-time responsiveness means officers often arrive on site while the perpetrators are still in the area, allowing for faster resolutions and arrests.  

If your dealership or other automotive business is in search of a more effective and responsive security solution, contact us and schedule a consultation with an automotive security expert in your area today. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187.