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Backdoor Break-In Burglar Arrest

Posted by Amy Hite on Dec 17, 2015

Catch of the Month Newsletter: Backdoor Break-In Burglar Arrest

Our featured video at a medical office building is just the tip of the Stealth video surveillance network. We’ve grown to watch over 9,000 cameras every night and generate over 1,000 videos per month for clients. Who’s watching YOUR cameras?

Watch the Video: Backdoor Break-In Burglar Arrest

At 2:31am a man parks at a medical office building. Offices contain clinical and lab equipment and drugs worth thousands of dollars, making them an attractive target for thieves. The suspect has a crowbar. A few minutes later he walks to the secluded rear of the building. He looks around to make sure he’s alone. He’s not. He’s being watched by Stealth Monitoring operators.

Stealth Monitoring Now Watches 9,000 Cameras, Helps Catch 22 Criminals

In October Stealth saw and reported over 1,400 incidents, dispatched police 250 times, and led to the arrests of 22 people. Stealth has clients in 26 states in the US from coast to coast that range from enterprise customers to single location businesses.

Rooftop Burglars Strike Portland Shopping Centers

Strip malls in Portland, Oregon have experienced a rash of rooftop burglars. A Portland Police Sergeant cautioned that some strip malls have thin walls that make it easy for rooftop burglars to move from business to business once they’ve gained entrance through the roof.

What Clients Say

“Stealth Monitoring allowed me to reduce my monthly recurring on-site security costs while improving my overall coverage and reducing my capital expenditures based on property theft, destruction and graffiti. Based on the plan we designed, our breakeven point will be less than nine months and I will be saving $2,000 per month moving forward.”

– Asset Manager, Realty Advisors

Stealth proactive live surveillance can detect and deter crime for greater security while reducing security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator can see unusual activity, activate an audible warning to deter criminals, and call the local police.

Stealth Monitoring is the leader in live video surveillance with over 9,000 watched cameras. Stealth specializes in proactive and intelligent live video monitoring that can significantly improve threat protection and police response. Clients include shopping centers, warehouses, office buildings, industrial facilities, apartments, car dealerships, schools and other businesses with outdoor assets. They range from large global enterprises to single locations.

Contact Stealth today to protect your building or property. Visit our web site to see actual videos of criminals being apprehended.