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Caught on Camera: Employee Steals Car Parts at Dealership

Posted by Robert Poe on Feb 21, 2023

According to a 2022 study, retailers reported that up to 33.2% of inventory shrink was a result of employee theft. Even more shocking? According to researchers with Zippia.com, up to 75% of employees admitted to having stolen from an employer at least once. See what happened when our live video monitoring cameras caught an employee taking advantage of what he thought were unmonitored cameras: 

In this video, Stealth’s video review department was able to provide evidence to an automotive client of an employee clearly stealing tires and other auto parts during non-monitoring hours. After the client requested footage, our staff was able to pull up video of the incident and provide it to them for verification as to the identity of the suspect.  

Proactive Security Measures Help Protect Your Business in a Variety of Ways 

We typically think of theft as a crime committed by someone coming into our business with that express purpose- but if the statistics above tell us anything, it’s that insider and employee theft are more common than expected. Auto dealerships are not immune to this unfortunate reality.  

Stealth Monitoring goes above and beyond traditional security methods. While many surveillance and security companies will provide footage and access, we not only monitor your live feeds in off hours and watch for suspicious activity when you’re not there, but can also provide evidence of activity that occurs in non-monitoring hours just as in the video above, along with monitoring of service lanes and other high-traffic liability risk-heavy areas.  

Help reduce your risks of inventory theft, property damage, liability claims, and more with our customized auto dealership security solutions. Proactive live video monitoring uses a combination of analytics-based cameras and human intelligence to spot suspicious or unwanted activity and take action as it happens.  

Our proactive solutions can save you and your business up to 60% on security costs, and more when it comes to helping minimize liability. Contact us today for more information. Texas Private Security License Number: B14187