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Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

Posted by Amy Hite on Jul 31, 2013

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While video monitoring providers have long been using aspects of cloud computing in their systems, surveillance industry professionals and analysts foresee an upcoming increased emphasis on cloud-based infrastructure. In its annual white paper on video surveillance trends for 2013, IMS Research predicted that private cloud-based services would gain more and more traction among enterprise video surveillance systems in the next few years.

Private vs. Public

Private clouds offer advantages that include easy data storage, remote access to data, and data security. Cloud services allow the customer to store and access video securely off-site rather than through an on-site DVR that is susceptible to hacking or theft. Cloud storage also gratifies the growing demand for mobile access to surveillance data in today’s app culture and generates recurring monthly revenue (RMR) for installing companies.

As opposed to trusting a public cloud, private cloud platforms are implemented within a corporate firewall and are managed by the independent organization’s IT department, which offers more control over customer data and ensures security. However, while there is more risk of data loss due to natural disaster with private cloud, live monitoring curbs potential immediate security risks by providing 24-hour vigilance.

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