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Colin Bodbyl will be Sharing Insights on Video Monitoring at Security Summit Canada 2024

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Feb 7, 2024

Revolutionizing the Security Industry through Innovation and Expertise 

We are thrilled to announce that Colin Bodbyl, accomplished VP and General Manager of Stealth Monitoring’s Canadian operations, will be one of the distinguished speakers at Security Summit Canada 2024 to be held on February 15, 2024. 

With a stellar background in the security industry, Bodbyl is renowned for his strategic approach and expertise in video surveillance.  

A Leader Transforming the Security Landscape 

As the VP and General Manager at Stealth Monitoring, Bodbyl has been instrumental in shaping the company’s strategic direction in Canada. His journey in the company began as the Chief Technology Officer, a role he held for nearly six years. During this time, he significantly contributed to the development and implementation of innovative security solutions, making Stealth Monitoring a leader in the field. 

A Summit Uniting the Best in Security 

Security Summit Canada is not just a conference; it’s a convergence of the best minds in the security industry. This virtual event, accessible to everyone, annually brings together Canada’s security channel members to learn, network, and grow their businesses. From security integrators and dealers to vendors, distributors, and investors, attendees will have the unique opportunity to interact with global security experts. 

Focus on Video Monitoring: The Future of Security 

At the summit, Colin Bodbyl will be part of a panel of experts delving into one of the most dynamic sectors of the industry – video monitoring. This panel discussion promises to be a highlight, focusing on: 

Market Growth: Insights into verticals showing significant growth in video monitoring and the potential that lies ahead. 

AI in Security: Exploring the current role of AI in video monitoring and envisioning its future applications. 

Challenges in Video vs. Alarm Monitoring: A detailed analysis of how video monitoring differs from traditional alarm monitoring. 

Live vs. Event-Based Monitoring: Understanding the differences and applications of live and event-based video monitoring. 

Why Attend? 

Participants of Security Summit Canada 2024 will gain invaluable insights into the current business environment and market trends. This knowledge is essential for anyone looking to expand their business, attract new clients, and offer enhanced value to their customer base. 

Stealth Monitoring: Pioneering Intelligent Video Security 

 With headquarters in Dallas, Texas and Toronto, Ontario, Stealth Monitoring has earned recognition as North America’s premier provider of live video monitoring and smart surveillance solutions. As an industry leader since our founding, Stealth has spearheaded innovative systems that blend state-of-the-art technologies with expert human insight to optimize safety and security. 

 Our advanced platforms currently monitor over 80,000 cameras nationwide, now enhanced by cutting-edge video analytics for rapid anomaly detection and predictive capabilities. By integrating machine learning with human oversight, our 24/7 vigilance can help identify and resolve threats with unmatched speed, accuracy, and customization.  

 These powers of perception and proactive response represent the cutting edge of video security innovation. Stealth’s solutions offer businesses of all sizes flexible tools to help deter crimes before they escalate, lowering risks across diverse environments. Our offerings can easily integrate with existing infrastructure, while providing robust upgrades that continuously evolve as new challenges arise. 

 With constant innovation and attentive service, Stealth empowers clients to meet pressing safety goals with confidence. By pioneering and perfecting proactive systems, we help enterprises protect what matters most – from assets to operations to human wellbeing. Stealth monitoring delivers an indispensable advantage that companies across North America rely on to ensure vigilance, preparedness, and loss prevention amid ever-emerging threats. 

 Don’t Miss Out! 

 Join us at Security Summit Canada 2024 for an enlightening session with Colin and other industry experts. His expertise in video surveillance and strategic thinking in the security industry will offer a unique perspective, helping attendees understand and leverage the evolving landscape of security technologies. 

 Unable to attend but want to learn more? Contact us today for details on our array of security solutions for businesses across several industries and get your free quote. 

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